Beauty is Flirty!



The Personal Beauty Shopper is launching a new Rewards Program in 2013.

How does it work?

1. Earn 5 points for each item when you shop with The Personal Beauty Shopper.

2. Earn 1 point when you share ANY Album from The Personal Beauty Shopper Beauty Album – maximum 10 per month.

3. Earn 1 point each time when you mention The Personal Beauty Shopper in your blog or facebook conversation either tagging or sharing.

4. Earn 10 points when you introduce your friend to The Personal Beauty Shopper and make their first purchase.

5. Earn 1 point when you share The Personal Beauty Shopper Events.

What you will get from the points…

1. When you receive 100 points you will receive a full size beauty item and will deliver together with your next purchase delivery. We do not post a single item for you.

2. On your birthday, you will receive a birthday treat from us and receive 20 percent off exclusively from Tarte Cosmetics. Your gift will be included in your next purchase delivery.

3. Earn 500 points you will receive RM50.00 to use towards your next purchase. This is not cash but a gift voucher as a sweet treat from The Personal Beauty Shopper.

Your purchases from 2013 will be recorded here with password only you.

Any question please let me know otherwise Happy Shopping!

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