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MY BEAUTY PROJECT ‘D’: Sparkalicious Dior Diablotine 643 Addict Lipgloss

Hi Beauties,  It is again my Beauty Project A-Z time.  You many be wonder what is that means.  It is one of my new year resolution this year that I set challenge to review Beauty Products from brand A-Z in this 12 months.   I may do more than one products at one time.  I will review brands are less reviewed by other bloggers or brands that you cannot get in your country or never tried before. The brands can be ranged from high end to drugstores.

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Sparkalicious Dior Diablotine 643 Addict Lipgloss

Diablotine 643 Addict Lipgloss is a true coral peach loaded with tons of gold shimmer. It’s a high-shine gloss.

Tell you a something.. I never attracted to Dior.  I don’t really know why but Dior Addict Gloss has changed me that I want everything for this Spring 2013 launched.  It is a beautiful colors and you can wear it all year round.  This Spring Season, lots of high end brands and drugstore lipsticks and lipglosses mostly pinkish coral , so does Dior.



The magical touch of fashion and shine that brightens the face. The new Dior Addict Gloss is a declaration of love for fashion, an electrifying whirlwind of glossy colours. Its magical formula gives lips unprecedented mirror shine and incredible comfort. Its secret: the Mirror Shine Complex with polarized crystalline micro-spheres that adjust the reflection of light to create the magic of a perfect mirror.  The gel lipcare formula, enriched with hyaluronic acid spheres, plumps and moisturizes lips for an intensified volume-boosting effect.  

I selected Diablotine 643 because it is the first one that attracted to me.  What a name for a lipgloss! It is a gel-like formula that feels smooth and comfortable to wear.  It has translucency to it–the natural lip color will come through, but there is a lot of shimmer so the shimmer makes the gloss appear more opaque. This means that your natural lip color will affect the overall coloring; If you have redder lips, it will appear almost coral-like on and it could brighten up your complexion too. Dior recently reformulated and relaunched their Addict Glosses, and the formulas feel luxurious on the lips,  featherweight, contain Hyaluronic spheres that “keep lips smooth and moisturized,” and also has “mirror-like micropearls that reflect light.”, and lasts about 3-4 hours on me.





Overall, these glosses provide everything I love in lipglosses – punchy color, sparkling shine, and fabulous feel. They are seriously hydrating without being sticky, tacky, or gloppy.



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