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MY BEAUTY PROJECT ‘B’: Burberry Pink Sweet Pea Lip Glow Lipgloss


Burberry Pink Sweet Pea Lip Glow Lipgloss is a bright fuchsia pink with cool undertones.



What I love about this Lip Glow Pink Sweet Pea is that it is non-sticky and so easy to apply and comfortable to wear.  This sweet little pea brighten up my dull complexion especially if you want to go out after work.  It is a quick pick-me-up.  The formula also lightly translucency that gives very natural and not trying hard feeling.  Everyone loves it and I get to stop to ask which brand and lip colour I was wearing.  This lip-gloss certain speaks itself!


Based on Burberry’s spring/summer collection, which is what the spring beauty range is supposed to have drawn inspiration from, everything is bold, bright, and colorful.  As per Burberry Beauty Manager in David Jones, Tina is very impressed with this collection and it is the first time Burberry has the bright colours.


Pink Sweet Pea wore four hours on me.

Where to get it? Nordstrom

Cannot shop in USA? The Personal Beauty Services is available here.

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