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Hi and welcome to my blog !

Here is a little bit about me and this blog.
My name is Lilian, Malaysian Chinese, based in Sydney, Australia.  I am a Personal Assistant, Personal Shopper and a Freelance Makeup Artist specialised in Bridal.  Besides that, I am a mum with two beautiful kids, Pearl and Pierre-Alexander and I have a wonderful Husband, Lawrence.  I am lucky to have work and life balance.  Although life is extremely busy but I also love luxury and have a huge interest in High End and luxury make up and beauty products.  I also love to catch up my friends either High Tea, Day Spa or Brunch with my girlfriends and my sister.

This blog and the reviews I write are based on my own experience with the products I own or I tested.

All started when I had my first Bridal Trial Makeup.  I enrolled myself to Cameron Jane Makeup Design School and complete 9 weeks Bridal Makeup Course.  My interest grow and love to meet more like-minded circle of friends.  I created a Facebook Group called ‘Beauty Is Flirty? What You Think?’ and I have more than 200 beauties include beauty bloggers, makeup enthusiasts, makeup learners to share their passionate, experiences, makeup look and skills.  A lot of time we ask questions to make it more involve.  Besides that the makeup challenge and giveaways always excited our beauties. 

This first miracle triggered my interest on High End beauty brands, then, the day I had my make up done at a Bobbi Brown counter in David Jones Sydney.  I was definitely sold and It also happened 2 years ago. By the way, I am still repurchasing some of the products I bought that day ! Laura Garcia and I have becoming closer and she also helped me with my first portfolio.

My profile : in my 30′s, I have acne-prone skin (chin area only) and dry skin in winter, NW25 in winter and NW30 in summer. I have two young kids therefore I do not spend much time on makeup but only 10 to 20 minutes every day for my make up and hair routine but I do not wear make up at all if I am staying at home.  I have enough make up to last me a life time but the temptation to try new things is way too strong to stop !  Always in the hunt for new textures, new techniques, anything related to beauty and color.

My favorite brands, the ones that will most likely be reviewed here, are Tom Ford, Chantecaille, Shu Uemura, Le Metier de Beauté, Burberry Beauty, Armani, Guerlain, Tarte, Urban Decay, Nars… just to say a few, the world is full of wonderful brands…

What I am expecting from make up :

  • Long lasting as I will not reapply during the day
  • Compatible with my ‘seasonal’skin
  • Easy to use, apply

I have a particular addiction to nice make up brushes…  a good make up brush will always make me click on the order button… probably my biggest temptation…

This blog is written in English but English is not my main language, I hope nevertheless that the posts are clear enough and understandable.

Thanks for stopping by and following………

If you have any questions, please contact me at :


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