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Benjabelle brush trees 


Benjabelle brush trees are now available in Australia.If you are tired of struggling to find a place to put all of your beauty brushes, you will love the Black brush tree to help organize your beauty collection.Regardless of whether you are a professional or just want something for  use in your home, you will love the functionality of this amazing beauty tree.Hang all of your brushes up to dry quickly and easily, while keeping them safe and out of the way. Since the brushes are able to dry quickly, it helps to eliminate the potential for any bacteria to enter into the brushes.You can rest assured that your brushes will stay in peak condition to help extend their life and prevent any damage to them. The black coloring is sure to fit into any bathroom décor, so you will love the beauty and simplicity of this.

Product Specifications

1. How many brushes does the Brush tree.Available in Black, Pink or White Tree hold?
It will hold 14 large brushes. You can also share 2-3 smaller brushes into one hole.

2. How big is the Brush Tree?
The top is about 20cm by 25cm. The legs are about 18cm tall.

3. Does the Brush Tree hold thin brushes too?
Yes! It will hold thin brushes just fine, they do hang at a slight angle sometimes but this does not impact how well they dry. This allows the brush tree to hold a many more brushes.

4. How do I clean my Brush Tree?
You can wipe down your Brush Tree with a soft damp towel.  Please do not put your Brush Tree in the dishwasher.

For order, please email to the

from Lilian

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