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ROSE DE ROSE Sheer Liquid Blush With Natural Rose Extracts Smoothing Glow


I have been wanting to try this product for a while but everytime I went to the store I was distracted by other brands.  Lately I came across the store again I decided to get a sample pot of ROSE DE ROSE Sheer Liquid Blush. Yes it is a liquid, not cream and not cheek stain. 


Wow! The colour is simply drop dead gorgeous! BUT it is no way for me to use this colour….it is simply too bright!  It is definitely not suitable for my age group. Anyway, I still took it home to try it myself.

This morning when I was getting ready and I saw this pot sitting my shelf.  I decided to give it a try.  When I opened the pot cover, instantly a very pleasant smell….it is like lying on a bed of rose petals.  I am not kidding. Seriously.

I did a swatch on my hand.  The colour of the liquid blush is indeed very beautiful, sheer and soft.

ByTerry describes…

This new generation liquid blush with an ultra-smoothing deep skincare action, reveals plump, fresh and velvety soft cheekbones.Its ultra-sheer micro-gel texture offers an adaptable luminous satin finish that can be built up as you wish. 

Here is my Face of The Day.


I applied a dab of color onto the skin, blend the textures on cheeks for an intense effect.


I also streched the texture onto cheekbones, forehead, chin and decolleté for diffused effect.



Lilian’s Tips:-

Layer or blend with SOLEIL DE ROSE as a light-catching touch, paying particular attention to curves and rounded areas of the face, yes that is me! (forehead, arch of the eyebrow, chin, décolleté) to highlight the facial reliefs. ROSE DE ROSE is also fabulous on the eyelids for a glossy effect.

You must be wondering why I said thr smell like you lying in a bed of rose petals. It is because the core formula of the blush.

ROSAMINE, a natural carmine pigment derived from Rose petals, combines with matte and translucent micro-reflectors to enhance curved areas with a fresh and natural rosy sheen.

The ROSALISS complex, bursting with White, Black and Pastel Rose extracts and pulverized perfecting prisms, smoothes the relief and illuminates the complexion with luscious radiance.

Don’t worry the smell of rose petals only last for a short whole but my mood is lifted, that is definitely.

Finally, I hope you have a wonderful weekend.


The Personal Beauty Shopper


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