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Chantecaille White Tiger Poudre Délicate


White Tiger Poudre Délicate is a special edition compact with image of Royal Bengal Tiger.  This luxury pressed powder is a featherweight and hydrating.  It mattifies skin for a smooth, luminous effect.  This pressed powder infused with Tahitian Monoi to hydrate skin.

In Fall 2010, Chantecaille has created a limited edition palette to celebrate and raise awareness for the disappearance of the wild tigers, an issue that has not yet received the urgent attention needed. Since 1998, the last Year of the Tiger, the population of tigers in the wild has diminished from 5,000 to 3,200. Five percent of the proceeds from the sale of the Holiday 2008 Le Tigre Collection and Tiger in the Wild palette benefit TRAFFIC, a wildlife trade monitoring network, to support its courageous efforts in the fight against tigers’ disappearance.

Chantecaille continue to speak on behalf of those who cannot-bringing awareness to urgent situations that affect us all. The disappearance of wild tigers is of utmost urgency, as the loss of our top predators is the barometer of an ecosystem in trouble. Tigers are poached, hunted and exterminated for small and big profit. On the brink of extinction, traded illegally on the black market for skins and body parts, these wild creatures are now fewer than 2,500 in existence. Only a strobe light on the situation and the tireless work of fearless people can help stop this dangerous trade. Chantecaille has chosen to benefit TRAFFIC, the international wildlife trade monitoring network, whose courageous work is a strong weapon in the fight against tigers’ disappearance. It is a world – wide concern, which needs attention and focus. The World Bank has announced a global venture with The International Tiger Coalition, a group of 39 organisations of scientists, tiger specialists and conservationists, including TRAFFIC, to help reverse the decline in the number of tigers in the wild-the first time ever in its history of supporting a species. Chantecaille honor its beauty and celebrate the Royal Bengal Tiger with this limited-edition collection.

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