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Happy New Year from Sydney!


Hello Beauties, Happy New Year to all of the readers and shoppers. I hope you had a blast celebration of Year 2012. Whether you have a quiet one or big party as long as you and your family staying safe and loved.

It’s hard to believe another year has passed. I’ll bet most of us are thinking about 2012 and what the past year brought into our lives – good or bad, personal or worldwide. I can tell you I’m hoping 2013 will be better for everyone.

I spent my time with my family. My mum as always the best cook we all gathered all at mum place. Then we went to the local beach and watched fireworks from the city. Above is one of the photo taken by my friend. How did you celebrate yours?

On the next day, I turned in Morning TV Show, I heard Sydneysiders only start Their new year resolution in February! I guess some cimpany is not opened until 14/1/13 and we do have another public holiday in 28 January.

I start thinking about my resolution around mid of December 2012. A few things on my list..
1. Eat healthily
2. Exercise regularly
3. More family value time
4. Spending more time with hubby
5. Getting more members in ‘Beauty Is Flirty! What you think?’ Facebook Group.
6. Expanding The Personal Beauty Shoppers.
7. Get to try more beauty brands and beauty blog postings
8. Wearing more vibrant colour clothes
9. Building my investment property
10. Getting myself a bigger place

…..and I have started a few points!!!

1. I am back to work today. Starting with my working lunch, no more takeaway lunches. Freshly made DIY lunch 1 or 2 fruits a day. Lunch today is Italian Tuna and salad roll plus apple for afternoon tea.

2. I have started my Body Combat class and swimming weekly! My personal trainer has made a workout and eating plan for me and we will reaccess again in April and hopefully I am little lighter than now!!

3. My hubby and I have started to eat out with our kids once a forthnight on Saturday night and a road trip somewhere on public holiday. They are now 4 and 6 and easier for road trips. So far for Christmas and New Year we went to The Entrance, Terrigal and Bowral. There are anot 1-2 hours from Sydney. I am planning for the next road trip.

4. I have promised es d my hubby every Tuesday night we will watch DVD together. Normally I will doze off 15mins of the movie but I promise I will stay iPhone little longer! Lol

Hubby and wife sit down communicating. Nowadays we are so multi tasking even when we talk at time I could talk to kynet hubby and tell my kids off at the same time. I promise I will listen to him more. Also email at work about heat we going to do etc. We need to spend time to look at each other and face to face talking. Start tonight!

5. ‘Beauty is flirty! What you think?’ will turn one in April. Stay tune for amazing celebration.

6. Sabrina Tajudin from bysabrinablog has kindly offer to create a personal shopper banner to advertise in her blog. Please go here and check it out! Thank you, Sabrina!!


Besides that, The Personal Beauty Shopper also launched a new Loyalty Rewards Program for her shoppers. Please email me to join the rewards program. You do not want to miss out!!


7. If you follow me in The Personal Besuty Shopper Facebook Page you will see I have set myself a challenge YEAR 2013 BEAUTY RESOLUTION – Series 1: My Beauty Project A-Z

8. If you know me in person I wear black a lot! I simply don’t have time to think what to wear. I rather have more time to sleep. Since my kids are little bigger my sleep deprived no longer the major issue. I will focus on my look from head to toe. 🙂
But I do love my very bright and vibrant flats. They are from


9. My hubby and I are looking to expand our property investment portfolio. We have a plan ahead.

10. Lotto…Oh yeah! yes! Yes!! YES!!!

I hope you love my friendly post and let me know one of your new year resolution.

Lots of Smile!!!

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