Beauty is Flirty!

Showcasing your makeup arrangement – Pin up!!

I was organising my makeup starsh over the weekend and she has arranged my makeup in colour-coded!

For example… something red and pink.


She has inspired me with an idea for Beaute Is Flirty! What You Think? Facebook Group October Event.

collaboration with Sleek, MUA, many other international brands in Malaysia.

WHAT: showcasing your makeup starch in colour-coded! Bring on your creativity in displaying your makeup starsh.  Photography is not judged because not everyone could afford a high end camera.

1. Something Beige/Brown/Gold
2. something Black/Grey/Silver/White
3. something Pink/Red/Orange
4. Something Purple/violet
5. Something blue/Aqua/Teal

HOW: You are allowed to submit all 1-5 or choose more than one from 1-5.  Sahrish and I will judge each individual photo(s) that you submit. we will look at your creativity, display and arrangement but NOT how many makeup products you have or purchased.  E.g you could have only one teal makeup colour in your makeup starsh but you could arrange this item beautifully, that count!  Therefore,  the more you submit ( category 1-4), the more chances you could win!

**Please note you are not allow to submit two of in category 1/2/3/4/5 such as two photo of Beige/ Brown /Gold. You will be automatically disqualified from the competition. **

WHY: Let other beauties admire your display arrangement, show off your creativity, share your styles and purchases and you will find similar taste like you or inspire you! Last but not least, it is all about having fun! 🙂

Please send me details with your photo(s) below to

1. Your name (If you wish your name to be linked to your facebook please let me know.  If your photos have inspired others they can add you or follow you and your blog page (if any)).

2. Your photo(s) with short paragraph makeup products details and describe how you feel about. I do not need the full page of this, point form is allowed. This will inspire others with your display, your creativity and may like to try the products th at you purchased. 

3. You are required to add ‘Beauty Is Flirty! What You Think?’ Facebook Page and Sleek, MUA, many other international brands in Malaysia.
as we love to see you there!

Finally…once you have submitted the photo(s), you cannot change your mind to replace the photo(s).  This is to be fair to other beauties.

CLOSING DATE: 31 October 2012

THe winner will receive a gorgeous palette from Sleek, MUA, many other international brands in Malaysia.

                    (LIMITED EDITION)




To celebrate the much anticipated 2012 London Olympics, MUA has introduced the champion of all make-up palettes, a limited edition Going for Gold Palette! Made up of 10 fabulously shimmering eyeshadow shades in the new square pans, MUA urges you to get in the winning mood and go über glamorous to cheer on your team. Whether you’re going for a subtle highlighting effect or attention-grabbing statement eyes, you will be sure to dazzle with the Olympians.

They are so many palette to select for this event but I chose this palette because it grabs my eyes instantly. It is a limited edition palette for Olympic 2012. You don’t get to see this colour palette in the market often therefore it is something special. 🙂

This exciting event is only openned for Malaysian or beauties stay in Malaysia. Or, if you have Malaysia address. We only open locally yet internationally. We may open internationally for the future event.

So, what are you waiting for???

Join this special makeup showcase event!! Have fun with it and pin them up!

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