Beauty is Flirty!

The Beauty Olympian has revealed!

This is the moment you are all waiting for!!

The Beauty Olympian: Buveneswary


Name: Buveneswary d/o Vathemurthy

Facebook Name: Buveneswary Pillai


The products that I used :

Sleek Acid Palette

The Balm’s Nude Tude Palette

Nyx Jumbo Milk pencil

Maybelline’s Hypersharp Liner

logo of the London’s Olympics game has inspired me to create this look. In my opinion the bold colours of the logo represent bravery and of reaching new heights.

Runner Up:


Name : Arpita

FB name : Arpita Avinash


I did this look inspired by the Colours of the Olympics i.e. BLUE in the crease,RED in the lid,YELLOW in the inner corner, GREEN in the lower lash line, and BLACK in the upper lash line.


It is the honour to invite Karla Macmang, Makeup Artist, The Winner of Sydney Internation Spa and Beauty Expo 2012 to judge this makeup challenge and below is her comment:-


“Both entrants have done a very good job on the placements of the makeup. The winner did well due to the intensity of the shadow as well as the cleaner lines when applying eyeliner. I would have loved to see some lashes or more lashings of mascara. Entrant one could have extend the eyshadow a little more!”


Buveneswary, your prize is on the way ….and enjoy!




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2 thoughts on “The Beauty Olympian has revealed!

  1. stephdot90 on said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Olympians eye makeup

  2. Hi Steph,

    Thank you ti stop by as t my blog. This US s makeup cha lounge competition held in my Facebook group. You are welcome some to join us. THE FACEBOOK Group name is ‘BEAUTY US FLIRTY! WHAT YOU THINK?’.

    see you there…

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