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Tarte Cosmetics Spree Sales……

Hi Beauties, if you know me, you know that I m Tartelettes….

I have received a lots of Facebook messages re Tarte Cosmetics Spree Sales. If you are new to BIF, this spree is basically once a month with small delivery fees. The product is genuine from There will be no taxes fees involves in this sales but they would be a small delivery fees on depend how much you get. When I say small fees it is really affordable as our customers are all very happy with it. In additional, there is NO SERVICE FEES FROM ME (Normally RM30). Therefore, Happy Hauling….

Ok, let’s start now shall we??



TARTE LipSurgence Rm70.00 each



One of my favorite pieces are the LipSurgence Natural Matte Lip Stains.   The pencil is a bit chubby, but not difficult to maneuver.  It goes on super-soft and is very moisturizing and it stays put for a nice long time.  I keep smacking my lips together to feel how soft they are!   However, if you feel your lips are really lined or wrinkled, I wouldn’t suggest using the matte version, but try the regular lip stain in the same looking pencil.

Lipsurgence Lip Luster Tint RM70

Buff — nude bronze shimmer
Glisten — light peach shimmer
Adored — light pink shimmer
Frisky — bright watermelon pink shimmerPouty — berry shimmer
Fever — red shimmer





LipSurgence Lip Stain



TARTE Smooth Operator RM70.00


Another piece I find simply amazing in the line is Smooth Operator.  Do primers not work for you?   Make you break out?   These are issues I’ve had and I know others as well.  This is amazing!   Dust it on your face BEFORE you apply makeup, it’s a powder primer.   I had never used a powder primer before, or quite frankly, never even heard of one.   You just need a tiny bit dusted on your face and it will  feel like velvet.   Best thing though, I haven’t dusted any translucent powder or used any blotters on my face all day.   It’s now been 9 hours and counting since I applied my makeup this morning.  

maracuja miracle foundation 12-hour broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen RM 99

Airblush maracuja blush RM70


Beauties, I c an’t list down everything from Tarte. Now, head to Tarte Cosmetics and check out!

You could PM me with you list of items you like yo quote or get. I am more than happy to assist you.

Got question? Email me on or head to ‘ Beauty Is Flirty ! What you think?’ Facebook Group.

Happy Hauling!!!

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