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How Many Lip Products Are in Your Purse?

It depends how many begs I have!!! I have clear, nude, light pink or bright colours it just depends on my mood really…but I definitely have more than 1, 2 or 3. Yes you can find lip glasses and lipstick in my bag compartments either big or small zipped or pocket. If the lipgloss that I really love to use, I will remember to transfer from one bag to another. But most of the time, ‘ oh you’re hiding here…’

Are you the same like me ?:)

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3 thoughts on “How Many Lip Products Are in Your Purse?

  1. My Bag always love lip products…. I have a bright color, a nude and a lip balm…. Plus the shade I am wearing the day 🙂 But the thing is I forget to take out the lipstick after coming home so I too face the “oh u hiding here thing” a lot of times 🙂

  2. Same goes with me! I believe a woman can never have enough lipsticks, you always end up wanting for more even there are times you forget some of ’em in your bags or in your pockets. 😀

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